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* Fuji-Q High Land Park
A scream machine is filled with the roller coaster and so on!
* The museum of the music box
There is a music box which was supposed to be piled in that Thaitanic to the museum.
* Think
* Doggy Park
70 kinds 200 of famous dogs of the world meet you.
Lake side cafe
* Nihon Dorokodan
Road information
* The wood of the Christmas
Museum of the christmas
* Shopping mall"Bell"
Shopping mall
* Oshino Hakkai
It is the spot which is famous for beautiful water.
* Core Resort Club
Marine sports
* Kawaguchiko car museum
Car of the museum
* Yamanashi environment science laboratory
Science laboratory of the Mt.Fuji
* Lake Kawaguchi hot spring Japanese inn association information desk
* Mt Fuji weather information offer center
Weather information
* The hill of the wine
Museum of the wine
* The hill of the Grapes
Museum of the Grapes
* Kawaguchiko herb palace
* Stellar theater
It is the Colosseum hall of the open air type
* Fuji Safari Park
Open air zoo
* Makai no bokujyo
Stock farm
* Fuji Tenjinyama skiing ground
Skiing ground
* Kamui Misaka skiing ground
Skiing ground
* Uogashi-sushi
Sushi bar
Music information
* Think
* Sound Village
Music studio
* Camelot
Music studio
* Gassyou no ie Oba
Music house
* Kawaguchiko Lake Side Hotel
Hotel, Wine
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