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As for you, the cook which did training in France is to eat French diner to make in the wonderful dining room which the light that it looks at Mt Fuji overflows.
It is here with the fireplace have mild fire .
You can have a meal in the same wonderful dining room breakfast , too.
It will be open the air for spring and summer time.(French Dinner only)
Barbecue Garden
Moon Light Revue

It lets this do business only in summer.
You are to enjoy a meal in romantic music during the nature.
(You need a reservation)
When you click on the photograph of cooking, the window of the details information is indicated.
French Japanese Sukiyaki For your health
Each menu sometimes becomes a change a little that it is the thing of the season to be fresh of the day.
Wine fair
We prepared for the wine of the world. 1/1~3/31

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